Shrewsbury Renaissance Faire -- Oregon

 Gates are Open from 10am to 6pm September 8th & 9th, 2018 Kings Valley - Oregon
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Merchants and Players of Shrewsbury

From Urchone's Alley to Goose Hill Way, from Friar Tuck's Forest to the Wallows, each Village lane has its own unique blend of Artisans, Entertainments, and Delights.

* Merry Merchants
* Meandering Merchants
* Fyne Feasting
* Pleasant Players
* Amusements and Diversions
* Living History Guild Displays
* Shrewsbury Living History Production Guilds
* Patrons of the Arts

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Merry Merchants

Age Of Chivalry
  Battle Ready Weapons & Armour

Almost Arachne
  Costumes & Accessories & Plumes

Alterwind Music
  Music & Music & Music

Arrow Leather
  Merchants Of Quality Leather Goods

Aurora Creations
  The Art Of Stained Glass

Autumn Creek
  Children's Playthings

Barbarian Pottery
  Handbuilt Stoneware Tiles & Sculpture

Bead Kitty's Beads
  Beaded Jewelry Hair Cascades

  Fyne English Long Bows

B Sharp Fabrics
  Supplying The Living History Reenactor

By Special Request
  Fyne Silver Jewelry Inspired By Nature

Calla Yen Clay
  Functional & Fantasy Hand Built Pottery

Celtic Dragon
  Bazaar Of Celtic Goodes

Celtic Mist Soaps & Fragrances
  Handcrafted Exotic Soaps & Oils

Center Source
  Masks & Drums & Wands

Chainmail Creations
  All Hand Crafted

Compleat Corsetry
  And Diverse Sundries

Cool Shoes Moccasin Company
  Handmade & Custom Fit

Cracker Creek Baskets
  Beautifully Crafted of Maple Slats

Dancing Light Creations
  Adornments & Accessories

Dark Crystal
  Textiles & Handforged Blades

Darmstadt Master
  Renaissance Portaiture

Designs By Kate
  For The Gentleman Reenactor

  Clothier To The Barbarian Hordes

Dragons Den
  Childrens Crafts & Trinkets

Dragons Hoard Studio
  A Renaissance Bazaar

Dragon's Perch
  Dragon Companions & Collectibles

Dreaming Wolf
  Handforged Blades & Leatherwork

  Pearls & Plunder

Faire Creations
  Fyne Renaissance Clothing

Firebird Arts & Music
  Music & Books & Textiles & Surprises

Flemish Painter
  Portraits In The Style Of The Masters

Gaia's Traditions
  Healing For Body & Mind & Soul

Garden Artscapes
  Old World Art For The Garden

Goblin Art
  Art Of The Renaissance Masque

Goldyn Gryffin Goodes
  Varied Treasures Olde & New

Heart Of The Forest
  Small Loom Embroidery

Heavenly Designs
  Play In Our Bazaar Of Treasures

Herbal Heaven
  Light Your Life With Nature's Bounty

Her Dancing Fingers
  Hair Braiding & Wheat Weaving

Historic Trade
  Intriguing Bazaar

Honeystone Candles
  Beeswax Candles & Honey From The Hive

Hoof & Claw Studio
  Soft Art Dragons & Beasts & Adornments

House Of The Silver Winds
  Musical Instruments

Jewelry By D.A.C
  One Of A Kind In Gold & Silver

Kelp Creations
  Figures & Baskets & Wreathes From The Sea

Kings Valley Farmers Market
  Produce & Plants & Creative Arts

Komodo Traders
  Whymsical Wood Handicrafts

Laughing Dragon
  Enchanted Wood Carvings

Lavender Moon
  Beeswax Candles To Light Your Life

Little Toad Designs
  Items Of Magic & Wonder

Lovejoy Woodworks
  Insturments Of Rhythm

Macllyr's Midieval Miscellany
  Purveyors Of Fyne Goodes

Magickal Aardvark Ltd.
  Coats & Capes & Mythical Goodes

Magic Myst Clothing
  Rentals & Sales

Maiden Concepts
  Fantasy Hairsticks & Stained Glass

Mayhem Maille
  Handcrafted Chainmaille Art

McGrew Artistry
  Scottish Highland Dress Patterns

Merrybridge Dolle Shoppe
  Characters In Cloth

Midden Meadows
  Loving Lambs & Handspun Yarns

Moon Light Candle Light
  Hand Cast Candles

Mystic Readings
  Healings & Tarot

Mystical Dreams
  Nature's Stones In Art

Noble Glass & Stone Treasures
  Old Glass & Rare Stones

Oak & Iron Forge
  Demonstrating The Blacksmith's Art

Pagan's Pride
  Handcrafted Sterling Jewelery

Phantom Creations
  Hats & Horns

Pictish Stone Carving
  Created By Hand

Rampant Lion
  Clay Pipes, Books, & Historic Ephemera

Rapunzel, Rapunzal
  Beautiful Braids & Bubble Wands

  Handcrafted Garlands & Masks

Ravenswood Leather
  Quality Leather Products

Raven Wings
  Perfumes & Toiletries & Boudoir Wear

Realm Of Regalia
  Trim & Accessories & More

Redwolf Ltd.
  Historically Inspired Jewelry

  Gypsy Scents & Potions

Renaissance By Maurita
  Castles & Clothing

Renaissance Styles
  Garb & Fashion From Days Of Yore

Roses 'N More
  Rose Wands & Braiding

Ruby Moon
  Romantic Sparkling Crystal Jewelry

Sacred Creations
  Earth Tarot

Sand Castle Candy
  Sandy Candy Edible Art Fit For A King

Shadows Treasure Chest
  Cloakes & Capes

  Faire Jewelery & Glass

Sierra Jewelers
  Silver & Gold & Beautiful Stones

Silver Dragon
  Weapons & Blades

Stag & The Griffen
  Costumes & Clothing

Steelcraft Medieval Weapons
  Weapons & Dragons & Prisms & Drums

Stone Garden
  Ye Olde Handmade Furniture

Sun In Splendor
  Treasures & Pouches To Keep Them In

Swords & Shields
  Wooden Toys

Taken By The Sky
  Children's Renaissance Clothing

Tenth Muse
  Elegance By Design

Terran nan Spaineahan
  Hand Carved Wood Spoons & Bowls

Thompson Fine Arts
  Graphic Art Dragons & Wizards & Ephemera

Treasure Designs & Gift Gate
  Handcrafted Dolls, Pottery, & Florals

Triple Spiral Healing
  Natural Nourishment For Body & Soul

Two Crones
  Pilgrim Pottery & Celtic Beads

Vro's Sculptic Glass
  Glass Pretties For Your Castle

Von Castle
  Renaissance Clothing & Swordsmen's Wear

Wee Did Thizz
  For Children Of All Ages

Weland Smithy
  Quality Hand Forged Decorative Ironwork

White Hart Forge
  Ringing Hammers

Wilber's Stained Glass
  Handmade Beads & Baubles

Wild Gatherings
  Kaleidoscopes For A Magic Perspective

Wood Wizard
  Children's Toys & Games To Play

Ye Olde Dragon Shoppe
  Mystic Beasts & Beings & Games

Ye Olde Toy Shop
  Staves & Games & Puzzles Of Intrigue  

Meandering Merchants

Beltane Moon
  Tatterdemalion's Ribbon Roses

Blind Bat Crafts
  Renaissance Character Dolls

By Any Other Name
  Fairy Wings & Leather Roses

Crystal Coppersmith
  Magic Wands

Duel Shoppe
  Children's Wooden Toys

Enchanted Face Painter
  Magic Faces

Lavender Barn
  A Cart Of All Things Lavender

Medlin Metalsmiths
  Celtic Silver

  Handmade Goodes

Pickle Puss
  Crisp & Juicy Pickles

Will O's Wares Peddler Cart
  Seeds, Needles, Faggots, Rabbit Snares  

Fyne Feasting

Faire Peasant Fare
  Pastries & Breads & Cheese & Fruit

Flesh Peddler
  Peasant Swan & Vulture Legs & Swine Bake

Queen Pretzel
  Scrumptiously Salted & Seeded

Gypsy Sheilagh
  Hot Pastas & Cold Salads

Her Majestie's Munchies
  Fyne Feasting

Lady Herbalots
  Fyne Game Hens & Noble Teas

Lovin Spoonful
  Ploughman's Platters

McGilly The Magnificent
  Purveyor Of Fyne Homemade Natural Drinks

Midnight Sun Bake Shoppe
  Renaissance Bakery

Noodles Delight
  Honey Glazed Chicken

Olde Englysh Fyshe & Chips
  Classic Flavours

Olde Tyme Kettle Korn
  A Cauldron Of Tasty Treats

Queen's Creamery
  Ice Cream Dreams

Sara's Tamales
  Chicken & Cheese & Spinach

Scots Sausage & Stag
  Haggis & Bangers & Wilde Gamme

  Exoctic Flavours

  Fabulous Funnel Cakes & Dragon Claws

Splendid Spud
  Baked Potatoes & Toppers

Terra Nova
  New World Tastes

Tom's Tea House
  Treats From Far Cathay  

Pleasant Players

May Be Found Upon These Stages
& Street For Thy Amusement
  Friar Tuck's Main Stage
  Tourney Stage
  Caravansary Stage
  Dancer's Rounde Stage

All For A Lark
  Renaissance Brawls & Ballads

All Occasion Juggling
  David Kelly

Annette & McNerney
  Celtic Harp & Voice

Around The Hearth
  Celtic Harp

Gaffer Applewright
  Tricky Apples & Rousing Riddles

Gaita Garbanzo
  Pipe & Drums Of Celtic Spain

House Of Nejmah!
  Authentic & Beautiful Belly Dance

James The Obscure
  Tall Tales

Junction City Brass Ensemble
  Rousing Renaissance Music & Fabulous Fanfares

Knights Of Avalon
  Joust For Your Pleasure
  11:00 & 3:00 Daily

Laurie Childers
  Traditional Ballads

Mhic Fhionghuin Piobaire
  Clan McKinnon Piper

Minor Miracles
  Now You See It, Now You Don't

Mystical Memories
  Magic In The Streets

O'Carolans Consort
  The Art Of The Harp

Of Cabbages & Kings
  Wise Words From The Sage

Pearwood Pipers
  Renaissanc Music

Pleasant Peasants
  Engaging Street Theatre

Puppet Science
  Is That St. George's Dragon?

Salem Madrigal Singers
  Sweet Aires

Shakespeare In The Ruff
  Twelth Night Malvolio

Sherwood Renaissance Singers
  Madrigals Upon The Aire

St. Ratswallows
  Privateers & Press Gang

Tales From Aesop
  Creative Works Theatre

Ye Merrie Greenwood Players
  Dancing & Singing & Tall Tales  

Amusements and Diversions

Avalon Archers
  Try Your Skill

Goat Drawn Waggon Rydes
  Corvallis Harness Goats

Foil The French
  A Game Of Skill

Pitch A Peasant
  Catapult Peasants Into The Castle!

Quest For Glory
  Villge Treasure Hunt

Trinkets & Fortunes
  Games For Young Revelers  

Living History Guild Displays

  Wattle & Daub & String
  A Shrewsbury Guild

Barely Mow Inn & Buttery
  Village Folke Gather Here
  A Shrewsbury Guild

Black Sheep Wool Wyrks
  Sit & Spin

Castlewood House
  Visiting Ambassadors From Other Realms

Clan Cwn Annwn
  Celtic Village Vagabonds

Compagnie Of Goode Greeters
  Offer The World's Smallest Costume
  A Shrewsbury Guild

Cymry Glyn
  Welsh Equestrians
  A Shrewsbury Guild

Goose Quill Guild
  The Art Of Calligraphy

  Titania's Bower
  A Shrewsbury Guild

Kitchen Ceilioh
  Lessons In Gaelic

Lord Chamberlain's
  Noble Compagnie
  A Shrewsbury Guild

Mad Stampers
  Front Gate Frenzy
  A Shrewsbury Guild

Noble Birds Of Prey
  Chintimini Wildlife Rehabilitation

  The Haven For Buskers
  A Shrewsbury Guild

Royal Coursing Hounds
  Greyhound Pets Of America

Shire Reaves
  Keeping Her Majesty's Peace
  A Shrewsbury Guild

St. Ratswallows
  Roving Privateers

St. Ruckuss Guild
  A History Of The Guillotine

Wee Forest Folke
  Fairies & Elves & Imps - Oh My!
  A Shrewsbury Guild

Ye Merrie Greenwood
  English Country Folke

Yr Gwyliad
  Welsh Freedom Fighters  

Shrewsbury Guilds Behind The Scenes

  Behind The Curtain

Muggers O'Bedlam
  Villager's Aide

Shrewsbury Hands On History
  Educational Outreach

Shrewsbury Press
  Gutenberg's Traditions

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