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 Gates are Open from 10am to 6pm September 8th & 9th, 2018 Kings Valley - Oregon
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Merchants and Players of Shrewsbury

From Urchone's Alley to Goose Hill Way, from Friar Tuck's Forest to the Wallows, each Village lane has its own unique blend of Artisans, Entertainments, and Delights.

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* Fyne Feasting
* Pleasant Players
* Amusements and Diversions
* Living History Guild Displays
* Shrewsbury Living History Production Guilds
* Patrons of the Arts

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Merry Merchants

Age Of Chivalry
Battle Ready Arms & Armour

Altarwind Music
Faire Sounds From Around The Hearth

Ancient Artifacts
Chainmaille Armour ~ Jewelry

By Any Other Name
Leather Roses & Fairy Wings

Barbarian Pottery
Wondrous Stoneware & Tiles
A Shrewsbury Scholarship Fund Contributor

Bobbie Berg
Jewels & Gems

Bronze Age Miniatures
Beauty In Bronze

Burnt River Ironworks
For Hearth & Home & Camp

By Special Request
Fyne Silver Adornments
Inspired By Mother Nature

Carne Vale Clothing
A Touch Of Fantasy

Creations From The Wild
Nature's Wares

Cymru Celtic Lovespoons
Handcarved History

Dark Crystal
From Chemise To Surcote

David Miller Trading
A Bazaar Of Delights

DH Medieval Supply
All Your Medieval Needs

Forest Faery Folke

Dragon's Dyepot
Weaving Croft

Dragon's Hoarde
Treats & Treasures

Dragon's Perch
There Be Dragons Here

Dreame's Courser
Souvenirs & Faire Remembrances
A Shrewsbury Scholarship Fund Contributor

Dreaming Wolf
Handmade Blades & Leathercraft At The Forge

Dudley Drums
Don't Miss A Beat

Duel Shop
Roving Children's Wagon

Ebony Rose
Fantasy Clothing

Enchanted Face Painter
Wandering Wagon

Endless Voyage
Renaissance Treasure Trove

Feathers By Danusia
Masks & Feathers & Dragon's Breath

Firebird Arts & Music
Fine Books & Music

Further Realms Of Fun
Juggle Styx

Gaean Allusions
Magic In Pottery

Garden Artscapes
Whimsey For A Natural Setting

Gypsy Tarot & Astrology
What Do Your Stars Say?

Hat Matters
Millinery For Every Mood

A Treasure Trove

Heavenly Designs
Intriguing Trinkets

Honeystone Candles
Meet The Queen Bee

House Of The Silver Winds
Handcrafted Musical Instruments


Books & Jewelry & Pewter

In Spiritu Draconis
The Changeling Guild Luthiers

Jewelry by D.A.C.
See Silver Ring & Chain Making

Jiggery ~ Pokery
Marvels & Masks

Kids' Krafts
Children's Treasures

Komodo Traders
From The Mysterious East

Laughing Dragon
Woodcarving Magic

Lavender Moon
Candles & Clothing & Herbs

Treasures From Celtic Lands

Little Toads Designs
A Bazaar Of Delights

Fyne Instruments & Music

MacLlyr's Medieval Miscellany
Purveyors of Fyne Drinking Horns
Inspired Jewelry & Leather Craft

Magic Myst Clothing
Faire Ready Wear & Rentals

Maiden Concepts
Stained Glass Faeries & Hair Sticks

McGrew Artistry
Patterns For Scottish Folke

McTimmonds Valley Farm
Specializing In Pygora Goats

Medieval Mystique
Fyne Goodes Of Pewter & Alabaster

Medlin Metalsmith
Jeweler & Artisafer

Midden Meadows Raincroft
Handspinning & Yarn & Wool For Sale

Moccasin Company
Fyne Shoes For Faire Feet

Nature's Fantasy
Purveyor of Fyne Silver & Gold Delights

Oak & Iron Forge
From Cutlery To Cauldrons

Oden's Forest
Pewter & Period Appointments

Of Cows & Sand
Quality Stained Glass & Leatherwork

Primal Pottery
Pathlight Studios

PS Perfect Scents
Pots Of Pleasant Potpourri

Posh Paws Herbals
Sweet Scented Soaps

Raven Wings
Olde Worlde Perfumery


Ravenswood Leather
Quality Leather & Armour & Clothing

Redwolf Limited
Historically Inspired Jewelry

Renaissance Products
To Treat Yourself

Rose Jewelry
Art Of The Blossom

Shadow's Treasure Chest
Cloaks Of Every Kind

Unique Jewelry & Ceramics

Shelley’s Folkwear Jewelry
Hand Made Dainties

Sherwood Village Traders
A Bazaar To Explore

Sir Arthur's Armory
Wooden Toys By Apprentice Boys

Snow White & Rose Red
Hair Braiding & Adornments

Soap Sense
Hand Crafted Soaps

Steelcraft Medieval Weapons
Blades for the Bold

Stoneflower Pottery
Art & Nature Together

Stone Garden
Cottage Of Renaissance Delights

Sun In Splendor
From Pouches To Pomanders

Sunshine Fun Company
Soaps & Oils & Candles

Swan Song Farm
Honey Comb For Your Sweet Tooth

Swords & Shields
Wooden Toys For Young Squires

Ribbon Favours

Tenth Muse
Charming Delights

Terra Madre Creations
Unique Handcrafted Jewelry

Terron non Spaineachan
Art Of Treenware

3 Crones Pottery
Pilgrim Flasks & Tankards

Tri Canis Nox
Superb Hand Made Wood Tankards

Triple Spiral Healing
Holistic Health

Sculpted Glass

Waterside Treasures
Agates & Shells & Pretty Things For All Ages

Wee Did Thizz
Treats & Treasures

Whispers From The Past
Everything Magic For Fairies

WIAN Studios
Dragons & Gargoyles & Other Delights

Wilber’s Stained Glass
Classic Glass Art

Wild Gatherings
A Bazaar Of Delights

Wisdom's Seed
Merrily Blowing Bubbles

Yaquina Bay
Soap & Candle Works

Ye Olde Toy Shop
Wooden Games Of Intrigue

Fyne Feasting

Bedlam Bangers
Sausages & Bread Bowles

Cobb & Grogg
Gilled Corn & Honey Mint Ginger Ale

Daybreak Coffee
Quench Your Noble Thirst

Flesh Peddler
Turkey Legs & Roast Bones
Onion & Spud Slabs Butter Grilled

Gourmet Specialties
Fyne Peasant Fare

Gypsy Sheilagh's
A Gourmet Pasta Feast

Her Majesty's Munchies
For Noble Appetites

Madam Tipsy's
Whiskey Soused Shrimp & Salmon

McGilly The Magnificent
Homemade Sarsaparilla

Midnight Sun Bakery
For Your Royal Sweetooth

Olde Tyme Kettle Korn
A New World Treat

Queen's Creamery
Royal Iced Treats

Treats From Spain

Tom’s Tea House
Delights From Far Cathay

Ye Olde Knotte Castle
Prized Pretzels & Virgin Ale

Pleasant Players

May Be Found Upon These Stages
& Street For Thy Amusement

Tourney Stage
Sponsored By An Anonymous Angel

Caravansary Stage
Dedicated To Phyllis Patterson
Who Began The Dream

Hillock Stage
Sponsored By Gaelic Learners Of Eugene

Dancer's Rounde Stage
Dedicated to A.J. & Ann Hughes

Friar Tuck's Main Stage
Sponsored by Mr. P. Pettus

All For A Lark
Village Voices In Songs & Sillyness

A Midsummer Night's Dream
Presented By Shakespeare In The Ruff

Around The Hearth
Celtic Music With A Passion

Cornish Storyteller
Seanchie George Bright

David Helfand
Celtic Harpist

Gaffer Applewright
16th Century Sage & Scholar
Serves A Mysterious Apple

Gaiain Allusions
Bowed Psaltery & Penny Whistle

Good Bones The Fool
A Most Inept Magician

Greyfort, The Guileful
Strolling Magician

House Of Nejmah!
Dancing Gypsy Delights

James The Obscure
The Old Story Teller With Tales From Antiquity

Junction City Brass Ensemble
Rousing Renaissance Music & Fabulous Fanfares

Irish Airs

Mhic Fhionghuin Piobaire
Great Highland Piper

Mossyback Morris
Ancient Dances Of England

O'Carolans Consort
Magic Of The Renaissance Harp

Paulo The Gypsy
Full Contact Juggling

Pearwood Pipers
Sweet Sounds For Thy Ear

Queen Elizabeth's Progress
All Cry "God Save The Queen"!

Salem Madrigal Singers
Elizabethan Aires

Sherwood Renaissance Singers
A Sweet & Joyful Noise

Turkish Aksent
Traditional Sufi Sounds From Turkiye

Village Washer Women
Airing Their Dirty Laundry

Storyteller & Bard Just For Grownups

Xavier de Saone
Rope Walker

Ye Mage Of Burgundy
Minor Miracles & Magic

Amusements and Diversions

Foil The French!
Bean Bag Pelting

Hunting Lodge
Hunt The Hart & Hare

Tournament Of The Shrew

The Blue Knight
Champion for OSU Federal Credit Union
The Green Knight
Champion For An Anonymous Angel
The Red Knight
Champion for Mr. P. Pettus
The Gold Knight
Champion for AJ & Ann Hughes

Magic Memories
Pony Portraits

Most Noble Fyte For The Pryse
Assault D'Arms Competition
At The Black Rose

Children's Play Area

Pitch A Peasant
Can You Catapult Your
Peasant Into The Castle?

Royal Menagerie
Petting Zoo

Shire Pillory Cart
Haul Your Friends Away

Living History Guild Displays

Clan Cwn Annwn
Reveling Villagers

The Gathering Of The Clans
Join In The Games

Clann An Tuatha
Daily Life In Celtic Climes

Highland Wanderers
Gaelic Learners Of Eugene

Lord Chamberlain's Guild
Noble Visitors

Morgan's Compagnie
English Privateers

Noble Birds Of Prey
Chintimini Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

Order Of The Black Rose
Live Steel Demonstrations
Classes & Lessons

Royal Coursing Hounds
Greyhound Pets Of America

Ye Merrie Greenwood Players
Dance & Revelry In The Streets

Yr Gwyliad
The Watch ~ Welsh Freedom Fighters

Shrewsbury Living History Production Guilds

Wattle & Daub & String

Compagnie Of Goode Greeters
Offer The World's Smallest Costume

Docent Services & Partys & Weddings

Behind The Curtain

Cymry Glyn
Welsh Equestrians

A Haven For Buskers

Laughing Hart Inn
Village Folke Gather Here

Mad Stampers
Front Gate Frenzy

Village Peasant Folke

Villager's Aide

Shrewsbury Press
Gutenberg's Traditions

Shrewsbury Hands On History
Educational Outreach

Shire Reaves
Boarder Celts Keeping The Queen's Peace

Patrons Of The Arts

Three Cheers To These
Champions & Knights & Lords & Ladies
For Their Support Of The Arts & Humanities

Champions Of The Faire

Corvallis Gazette - Times
KFLY Radio 101.5 fm
PEAK Public Electronic Access To Knowledge
Philomath Chamber Of Commerce

Knights Of The Realm

Cellular One
City of Albany Jaycees
City of Corvallis Jaycees
City of Lebanon Jaycees
City of Philomath
Corvallis Convention & Visitors Bureau
Corvallis Chamber of Commerce
Eichler Hay Company
Oregon National Guard
OSU Federal Credit Union
Philomath Boy Scout Troop 658
Philomath Frolic & Rodeo
Philomath Liquor Store
Philomath Police Department
Philomath Volunteer Fire Department
Wells Fargo Bank of Philomath

Shrewsbury Educational Programs 2000
Mr. P. Pettus - Sponsor
Barbarian Pottery - Contributor
Dreame's Courser - Contributor
Tri Canis Nox - Contributor

Lords And Ladies

Don Carson, Creative Services
Chuck Grato, Albany Shell, Inc.
Lise Grato, Sterling Specialties
June Harris, Oregon Country Faire
KWAX Radio
Vickie Nunnemaker, Volunteers of America
Old World Deli
Philomath Citizens Bank
Philomath Community Foundation
Eric Rice, Friend of Faire
Shirley Towner, Friend of Faire

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