Shrewsbury Renaissance Faire -- Oregon

 Gates are Open from 10am to 6pm September 8th & 9th, 2018 Kings Valley - Oregon
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Merchants and Players of Shrewsbury

From Urchone's Alley to Goose Hill Way, from Friar Tuck's Forest to the Wallows, each Village lane has its own unique blend of Artisans, Entertainments, and Delights.

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Merry Merchants

A Faire Maiden's Madness


Age of Chivalry

Ageless Treasures

Alys Moggie Catnip's Plush Pets

Autumn Creek

Awaken Journaling

Barbarian Studio

Black Cat Jewelry & Gifts

Black Dragon Merchants

Bronze Lion

Brunetta Blacksmithing & Foundry

By Special Request

Candle Sculptures

Center Source

Classic Threads

Cloaked In Time

Compleat Corsetry

Copper Moon Artisans

Corvallis Harness Goats

Dancing Gypsy

Dancing Light Creations

Dancing Light Ranch

Don Adams Archery


Dragon's Bag

Enchanted Art & Dolls

Fae Built, Inc.

Faire Fotos

Faire Touch Massage

Fantasy Art by Amy Brown

Faulkner's Plunder

Firebird Arts & Music of Oregon, Inc.

Frigga Green Needle

Gaean Allusions Pottery

Goldyn Gryfyn Fyne Goodes

Grundoon's Shoppe of Baskets

Hardwick Housewares

Hemmer Blacksmith & Forged Cutlery

Hollowtree Enterprises

Honeystone Candles

Huzzah! Country Store

Inn Ye Ol' Sack

Jirivil Wood

Josephine Marie Designs

Keppol Artistics


Laughing Dragon

Lavender Moon

Legends of Camelot

Magic Carpet Henna

Magic Myst Clothing

Magical Transformations

Make Mine Pottery

Mugsy's Celtic Design

Mystic Rose Ware

Mystical Dreams

Oregon Leather Company

Patsy's Pilferings

Phantom Creations

Pillager's Plunder


Raincoast Arts

Ravenswood Garlands

Reannag Teine Pottery

Redwolf Hammer

Ruby Moon

Secret Dragon Collectibles

Shadows of Amber

Shadow's Treasure Chest




SRF Revelers Heraldry Darts

SRF Revelers Storm The Castle

SRF Shire Reaves Foil the French

SRF Tinkers Water Dragons Labrynthe

SRF Tudor Rose Souvenirs

Swords & Shields, Inc


The Crooked Woman

The Hedge Hog's Hodge-Podge

The Lord's Creations

Thormahlen Harps

Thru The Garden Gate

Tiffany Toland Illustrations

Tikka's Moon

Time Traveler

Two Crones Flasks & Fanceys


Wagon of Wonders

Wee Did Thizz

Witch Way The Wind Blows

Ye Olde Sugar Shack - Shaved Ice

ZMay Creations

Meandering Merchants

Gnarly Gnomes

Great Jesspectations

Grizzly Gal

The Milking Stool Lady

Fyne Feasting

Ali Baba's Tribal Treats

Axyear Natural Products

Bedlam Bangers

Bella Luna Coffee

His Majestie's Munchies & Queens Creamery

Lady Tina's Thighs

Lovin' Spoonful Catering

McGilly Sassparilly

Olde Tyme Kettle Korn

Papayas (was Noodles Delight)

Queen's Water Cart

Scots Sausage & Stag

Shrew & Thistle - Ale Stand

Vijay's Little India

Waterhound Celtic Foods

Ye Olde Pickle Puss

Ye Olde Sweet Shoppe

Pleasant Players

Adria The Juggler

Arthur, King of the Britains

Beyond Words MIME

Cabbages & Kings With Gaffer Applewright

Clan McKinnon Piper

David Jones

Firelight Stories

Imperial Knights


Junction City Brass Ensemble

Mary Grace Celtic Harper

Mossyback Morris

O'Carolan's Consort

Pearwood Pipers

Raks Sarama

Salem Madrigal Singers

Sharon Thormahlen Harpist

Sherwood Renaissance Singers

St Ratswallow's Guild

Teutonic Order

Tobias the Adequate

Vancouver Madrigal Singers

Living History Guild Displays

BlackSheep Wool Wyrks

Clan Cwn Annwn

Guild of Gloriana

Kitchen Ceilidh



Royal Hunt Lodge (Greyhound Pets of America)

Schole of Pleasent Pastymes / Hearth of Saint Brigids

Shrewsbury Living History Production Guilds

SRF Artyfactors Guild

SRF Bedlam Guild

SRF Caravansary Stage

SRF Dancers Rounde Stage

SRF Greeters

SRF Mad Stampers Guild

SRF Main Stage

SRF Muggers O' Bedlam

SRF Revelers Guild

SRF Shire Reaves Guild

SRF The Buttery

SRF Tinkers Guild

SRF Tourney Stage

SRF Yr Gwyliad

Patrons of the Arts

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