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 Gates are Open from 10am to 6pm September 8th & 9th, 2018 Kings Valley - Oregon
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Merchants and Players of Shrewsbury

From Urchone's Alley to Goose Hill Way, from Friar Tuck's Forest to the Wallows, each Village lane has its own unique blend of Artisans, Entertainments, and Delights.

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Gems For The Gentry

Age of Chivalry
Arms & Armour

Alter Egos
Tribal Dance Bazaar

Alterwind Music
Dulcimers & Harps & Psalterys

Arrow Leather
Merchants Of Quality Leather Goods

Autumn Creek
Childrenrs Delights

Bar A
Wood Carving & Handmade Pottery

Barbarian Pottery
Fyne Slab Work

Bear Creek
Electric Dragons

Brass Rubbings
Make Your Own Historic Creation

Black Cat Jewelry & Gifts
All Things Celtic

Blackwolfs Plunder
Fine Leather Goodes

Bronze Lion
Fyne Armour

Brunetta Blacksmithing
Knives & Forks & Spoons

By Special Request
Art In Silver

Cloaked In Time
Renaissance Cover Ups

Complete Corsetry
Divers Sundries & Underpinnings

Copper Goddess
Wonderous Wire & Wiley Wood

Dancing Light Ranch
Wonderful Scents

Designs By Kate

Dragons Perch
Toys for Young & Old

FireBird Arts & Music
Books & Bazaar

Fireblood Arms
Fighters Marketplace

Forge And Thistle
Drinking Horns

Forgotten Times Maps
Hand Crafted History

Gaean Allusions
Perfect Pottery

Goldyn Griffyn Fyne Goodes
Wands & Staffs & Baskets

Shoppe Of Baskets

Harp Heaven
Hand Crafted Instruments

Historic Trade Company
Grand Bazaar

Honeystone Candles
Come And Meet The Bees

Laughing Dragon
Art Of The Woodcarver

Lavender Moon
Decorate Thy Body

Legends Of Camelot
A Goodlie Bazaar

Lignum Artis
Hand Turned Lovely Wood

Macamergin Press
Custom Struck Coins & Medallions

Magic Myst
Costume Rentals & Sales

Magic Touch
A Massage For Every Body

Mayhem Maille
Chainmail Jewelry

McGrew Artistry
Scottish Sewing Patterns

Medieval Miscellany
Woodland Woodcrafts

Medlin Metalsmith
Celtic Gold

Mother & Crone
Eclectic Gifts

Mystical Dreams
Natureas Stones

Mystic Roseware
Wedding Expressions

One Eye Rhythms
Drums Drums Drums

Oregon Leather
Piles Of Pelts

Phantom Creations
Hats Hats Hats

Pictish Stone Art
Hand Carved Runes

Poems In The Knight
Sweet Words

Queens Crones
Presses Posies & Herbs

Rain Coast Arts
Hand Woven Goods

Rampant Lion
Clay Pipes & Celtic Goodes

Ravenswood Garlands
For Every Faire Maiden

Redwolf LTD
Hand Cast Pewter

Renaissance Products
All Nature Scents & Potions

Ruby Moon
Romantic Jewelry For Your Heart's Content

Rusty Sword
Arms & Weapons

Second City Arts
Wood & Stone & Leather & Bone

Shadow's Treasure Chest
Faire Cloaks

Silver Wolfe Blades
Bodice Coolers & More

Spirit Song Flutes
Individually Crafted

Magic In A Grain Of Rice

Stone Garden
Wonderous Woodcrafts

Sun In Splendor
Renaissance Fantasy Bazaar

Sword & Sigil
From Gambesons To Patens

Swords & Shields
Handcrafted For Young Knights & Damsels

Taken By The Sky
Celtic Costuming

Thorn Of The Rose
Shoot A Trebuchet

Time Traveler
An Array Of Gentlemen's Finery

Leather Works

Treasure Designs
Where Mermaids Roam

Tribal Accents
Bountiful Baskets

Tudor Rose
Souvenires & Faire Rememberences

Two Crones Pottery
Flasks & Fancyes

Von Castle Macfarland
Renaissance Clothier

Wee Did Thizz
Soft Dragons

Warder's Hoard
Hand Crafted Chess Sets & Board Games

Whimsical Wands
Blowing Bubbles

Whimsy Fyne Attire
Clothes To Suit You

Wilber's Stained Glass
Beauty In The Sun

Witches Wardbrobe
Faire Attire

Ways Of Olde Cloaks

Wood Wizard
Roll The Rock!

Wyle Dog Mercenaries
Books & Maps

Meandering Merchants

By Any Other Name
Wings & Roses

Fairy Fun
Wishing Stones

Heavenly Designs
Hair Braiding & Bubble Wands

Olde Tyme Kettle Korn
At The Joust

Plush Pets
Pick One From The Basket

Princes Of The Court
Cart Of Toys

Queen Pretzel
Hot & Salty

Queens Water Cart
Come For A Quenching

Sunflower Creations
Hand Woven Willow Baskets

Ye Olde Pickle Puss
Crisp & cold

Fyne Feasting

Bedlam Bangers
Sausages & Saucy Bread Bowls

Elegent Espresso & Funnel Cakes

Her Majestie's Munchies
Spanish Fowl & Griffen Scales

Lovin Spoonful
Ploughmanos Platters & Joe Froggers

McGilly Sassparilly
Home Made

Millard Family
Fresh Mushroom Soup

Noodles Delight
Honey Glazed Chicken

Olde Tyme Kettle Korn
Hot & Sweet

Queen's Creamery
Iced Treats & Waffle Cones

Scots Sausage & Stag
Haggis & Wild Game Treats

Shrew & Thistle
Fyne Meads Ales & Wine

A Taste Of India

Pleasant Players

May Be Found Upon These Stages & Street For Thy Amusement
Main Stage
Tourney Stage
Dancer's Rounde Stage

Arthur & Patsy
Clip Clop Through The Village

Cabbages & Kings
Little Lectures In History

Clan McKinnon Piper
Great Highland Bagpipe

Firelight Stories
From Around The World

Gaffer Applewright
A AppleAs Journey

Junction City Brass Ensemble
Rousing Renaissance Music & Fabulous Fanfares

Knights Of Avalon
Bold Knights & Noble Steeds

Macamergin's Tales
For Children Of All Ages

Mary Grace
Celtic Harp

Master Benjamin Tosspot
Lord Mayor

Minor Miracles
Magic In The Streets

Mossyback Morris Men
Traditional English Dance

Mud Beggar
Watch Out for The Rat

O'Carolan's Consort
Sweet Hammered Dulcimer

Odon Soterias
Music & Mayhem

Pearwood Pipers
The Sound Of The Renaissance

Raks Sarama
Tribal Dance

Salem Madrigal Singers
Come & Sing Along

Shakespeare Abridged
A New View Of The Bard

Sharon Thormahlen
Heavenly Harp

Sherwood Renaissance Singers
Traditional Aires

Skinners Cornemusers

St Ratswallow
Laughter In the Lanes

Tobias The Adequate
Prestidigitator - Montebank - Charlatan

Knights Of Avalon
On The Tourney Fyld
12:00 pm & 4:00 pm Daily

Vancouver Madrigal Singers
Sweet Sounds

Amusements and Diversions

Archers Of Avalon
Pull The Bow

Black Sheep Games
Frog Pond & Bowling & More

Black Sheep Wool Wyrks
History Of Spinning

Clan Cwn Annwn
Celtic Brigands
Storytelling & Dancing

Corvallis Harness Goats
Come Take A Ride

Foil The French
Save The Princess In The Tower

Guild Of Gloriana
Nobles Of The Court

Heraldry Darts
Make Your Mark

Junior Jousting & Sword Play
Come Test Your Skill

Kitchen Ceilidh
Come For A Lesson In Gaelic

Merry Band Of Wenches
Come Rate Your Mate!

Secrets Of The Artisans Forge

Royal Coursing Hounds
Greyhounds In The Queens Mews

Storm The Castle
Fire Your Trebuchet

Sunrise Castle Maze
Discover The Secrets

Living History Guild Displays

Wattle & Daub & String
A Shrewsbury Guild

Barely Mow Inn & Buttery
Village Folke Gather Here
A Shrewsbury Guild

Compagnie Of Goode Greeters
Offer The World's Smallest Costume
A Shrewsbury Guild

Cymry Glyn
Welsh Equestrians
A Shrewsbury Guild

Lord Chamberlain's
Noble Compagnie
A Shrewsbury Guild

Mad Stampers
Front Gate Frenzy
A Shrewsbury Guild

The Haven For Buskers
A Shrewsbury Guild

Shire Reaves
Keeping Her Majesty's Peace
A Shrewsbury Guild

The Priory
Weddings & Private Celebrations
A Shrewsbury Guild

Yr Gwyliad
Welsh Freedom Fighters

Shrewsbury Guilds Behind The Scenes

Behind The Curtain

Muggers O'Bedlam
Villager's Aide

Shrewsbury Hands On History
Educational Outreach

Shrewsbury Press
Gutenberg's Traditions

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