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 Gates are Open from 10am to 6pm September 14th & 15th, 2019 Kings Valley - Oregon
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Why We No Longer Support CDDB

CDDB started out as a free product under the GPL (Gnu Public License). Individuals were encouraged to contribute information and they were led to believe that the information they contributed belonged to them and to the CDDB community at large. However, when Escient bought the CDDB, they changed all that. Instead of being free under the GPL, the data that individuals sent in freely and at no charge is now being claimed as the property of Escient.

Contrary to promises at the time of purchase CDDB/Gracenote has recently cut off access to some CDDB1-compliant players. (This has resulted in the author being unable to download a CD he entered into their database.) Some of our Faire Folk contributed a significant portion of their collections to the CDDB database, mostly Renaissance and Faire music. We feel betrayed and used by Escient and CDDB and would prefer not to use their services or recommend them to others. Please visit the Why freedb? page for more information.

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