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Presentation Combat Standards

1) All combat must be carried out within the confines of your encampment or on a pre-approved stage. No fights are allowed in the streets. Please take the required fight space into consideration when applying for a camp.

2) Combat may take place only among your own guildmembers.

3) No impromptu fights will be allowed anywhere outside an encampment.

4) All combat will take place a safe distance from the public and with a watchman set at your boundary fence

5) All weapons will be peace-tied when outside your camp

6) Weapons and related displays will be kept out of public reach at all times. Any patron invited to look at your weapons will be escorted by a guildmember at all times. Never unsheathe your weapon in the streets to show it to anyone.

7) Weapons are subject to Fight Director inspection and approval. Weapons will all be dulled and bated or blunted

8) Weaponry must meet SRF historic guidelines; no shinai, katanas, foils or bokken, and certainly no PVC or duct-tape weapons.

9) All guilds / performers exhibiting weaponry in any manner must submit evidence of insurance to SRF.

10) Pole weapons and greatswords / zweihanders must remain within the confines of a guild yard unless
A) the blades are covered or
B) you are on your way to a pre-approved gig
Processions are considered gigs, but must still be pre-approved.

11) Shrewsbury is a dry site; consumption of alcohol and swordplay do not mix. Anyone found under the influence while armed will be asked to leave the faire.

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