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Step 1. On the half sheet of plywood, draw twenty (20) trapezoid shaped gussets as shown in Fig A. and B. Cut a notch out of the corner of 6 of the trapezoids as shown in Fig. C. Save the notches.

Step 2. Using either a table saw or a hand plane, ensure that the two 8 foot I x 2s measure 1 3/8” the longer side. Next, cut these into twenty 8’ lengths and eight 3” lengths. Depending on what tools are available to you, it may be easier to cut the 1 x 2’s Into short lengths first and then plane them to the required 1 ” size. See Fig.D.

Step 3. Cut nine of the 2 x 2’s to the following lengths: two 6’ 5 ”;two 5’ 10”; three 6’ 11 ”; and two 6’ 10”.

Step 4. Make an unnotched trapezoidal “sandwich’ using two unnotched trapezoidal gussets and two of the 8” 1 x 2’s assembled as shown in Fig. E. Use a short piece of 2 x 2 scrap to test that the 1 5/8” hole Is neither too tight not too loose. This should be an easy slip fit with slight clearance all around. Make a total of six such unnotched “sandwiches”.

Step 5. Using one notched trapezoid and one unnotched trapezoid, make a half and half sandwich” as shown In Fig. F. Make two of these. Take care to make both a left-hand and a right hand sandwich” as shown

Step 6. Using two notched trapezoids, make a notched “sandwich’ as shown in Fig. G. Make two of the Make sure that the 1 x 2 sticks up at the outer edge of the notch as shown in Fig. G.

Step 7. Take the two 2 x 2’s that are 6’ 5 3/4” long from Step 3, and four of the unnotched “sandwiches” from Step 4, and make the two Side Pieces shown in Fig. H.

Step 8. Take the last two unnotched “sandwiches” from Step 4 and one of the 6’ 11 3/4” long 2 x 2’s and make the Bottom Rear piece as shown in Fig. J.

Step 9. Take the right-hand and left-hand “sandwiches” from Step 5, and one of the 6’ 11 3/4” long 2 x 2’s and make the Top Rear piece as shown in Fig. K.

Step 10. Take the two notched “sandwiches” from Step 6, (Fig.G.) and the last of the 6’ 11 3/4” long 2 x 2s and make the top front piece as shown in Fig. L

Step 11. Take the four 2 x 2’s which are 5’ - 10’ and 6’ - 10’ from Step 3 and designate them Rear Posts and Front Posts respectively. Take four of the 3’ long 1 x 2’s from Step 2, and nail one of them to both kinds of these posts 5 ” from the top as shown in Fig. M.

Step 12 Take the small notch pieces that you saved from Step 1. And Cut them in half (a hand saw is safest for this cut), so that you now have pieces that are approximately 1 ” x 1 1/8” You should make a total of six such pieces. It’s also OK to use scrap wood and leftovers.

Step 13 Take two of the three remaining 8’ long 2 x 2 s, stack up three small notch pieces and nail onto the end of each 2 x 2 as shown in Fig N. You now have only one 8’ long 2x2 left untouched.

Step 14. If you followed the instructions when doing Step 2, and taking into account the width of the saw blade you should have a leftover piece of 1 x 2 about 6’ long Cut this into three equal pieces. If you don’t have such a piece, find some old scrap that will do and cut it into 2’ pieces so that there are three pieces that measure ” x 1 ” x 2”

Step 15. Nail the three pieces onto the last 8’ long 2 x 2 as shown in Fig P.

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