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Please include a “backdrop” for your booth. This will also need to be of a period nature, approximately 5 to 6 feet high. It may either run the full rear length of your space, as one piece, or as a series of “screens” extending from either side of your stall. This will draw attention into your booth by blocking the goings-on around you and areas behind the scenes. Poles and rope with simple hangings, or garden lattice, work very well, and can also be used to increase your display area. You can also easily hide your modern items, especially if you are camping in or behind your booth. Here are some booths and backdrops:


These can be painted on burlap or weathered wood. Be sure they are large enough to be visible above head height, and can be seen from a distance. Add colourful flags and pennants on tall poles to attract the Public eye.


An awning for shade and an extra place to sit makes the day more pleasant for you and your customers. The addition of a wooden bench or a few stools in front of your booth is also very inviting. This will attract the Public to stop and visit. A place to rest is also inviting to passing musicians and players, who will draw the public to you as they entertain.


Remember to fire proof any materials that may require it, and keep the receipts or product information with you, along with an approved fire extinguisher. Please note that no haybales are allowed in booths.


All Faire participants are responsible for keeping their area clear of debris and trash at all times during run of Faire, and to leave their area clean after take down. Bring plastic trash bags, and place by the containers provided for pickup by Faire staff.

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