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Vendor Aide

If you love to help with other people’s problems, this is your Guild! Join our
merry band as we roam the village to aid the Vendors & Performers. Everything
from helping them find their site, answering questions, getting them coffee,
running errands, or booth sitting so they can have a break. We are everywhere!

Interactive Street Theatre

An excellent Guild for those seeking an introduction to Shrewsbury and Elizabethan history. We are the townsfolk that fill the village streets with interactive improv & street theatre. Build a character & come Meet & Greet the Public, create mayhem, & make a merry time for all. We are often the first public contact with our Information Booth, Souvenir Stall, & the World’s Smallest Costume giveaway.

Renaissance Theatre & Performing Artists Support

Develop your own act or gig within the Revelers. A great place for stage managers, stage techs, messengers, & Guild yard managers. An excellent Guild for new Faire players to explore Elizabethan history, costuming, character development, & behind the scenes theatre arts.

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