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Here stands our Villager wearing his muffin cap. He has a simple vest over his traditional bag shirt, and loose knee breeches. His shoes look comfortable, and for a festive look he has tied bright ribbons around the tops of his hose. Holding his walking staff and carrying his valuables in a pouch on his belt, he is ready for a day at Faire!


Here stands our Villager ready for a day at Faire. She
has her muffin cap on and is wearing a bodice over her shift. The best of her two skirts is tucked up off the ground, and she has added bells to her belt and pouch for a festive touch. Carrying her basket, she is ready to go marketing!


Everybody wore a hat, a belt, and shoes. No Elizabethan ever went bare headed. Wear a muffin cap. Or straw, leather, or fabric hat, bedecked with a feather or trinket.

Fasten an old leather belt over your clothing and suspend from it all those useful objects needed during the day like a pouch for your treasures, a cup or tankard to drink from, perhaps a knife, a wooden bowl and spoon to eat with, and most importantly, the tools of your trade! Footwear should be comfortable.

Think low heeled, leather or cloth. Only the poorest peasant wore sandals. Legs were not bared to the elements in Elizabethan England. Knee socks, rough stockings or tights work well. Old rag wool hiking socks will fit right in!

All Shrewsbury Renaissance Faire standards for costuming are derived from:
Elizabethan Costuming by Janet Winter and Carolyn Savoy. ISBN 0-9630220-8 Published by Other Times productions $15.00. Easy directions for all the Elizabethan social classes. Available at amazon.com


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